The Tesla Powerwall lithium batterysystem from Tesla Energy has made a big impact in the solar world and pushedhome energy storage into the mainstream.
The firstgenerationPowerwall released around 6 years ago had a much smaller 6.4kWh capacity andwas a high voltage DC coupled battery. In comparison the secondgenerationPowerwall has over double the storage capacity at almost the same price,including an inbuilt inverter/charger.

The Tesla Powerwall is still the only battery system on the market toincorporate liquid cooling which enables it to operate in a wide range oftemperatures from -20 to +50 deg (C). Although, like most lithium batterysystems it is likely to derate or reduce its output at temperatures above 40deg (C). Power derating is common for most lithium-ion based batteries, butTesla's liquid cooling should enable the PW2 to release more heat under highloads and rapid charging which should result in longer life span and betterperformance at higher temperatures.

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