​​LG Chem, operating since 1947, had managed to manage to rank itself as the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer with over 29,000 employees in South Korea, China and the US. Supplying a wide range of energy storage products for electric vehicles, mobile phones and energy storage systems.
The large range of lithium-ion battery storage systems from LG Chem has also positioned the company as one of the industry leaders in solar energy storage systems (ESS) for both residential and larger commercial installations.​amination and stacking process. By eliminating wasted space with their lamination and stacking process, they've enabled higher energy density and enhanced the sustainability of the cell structure.
LG Chem have created a more reliant, cooler and safer battery. Their lithium-ion batteries have been fire tested to the UL1973 test standard which requires there to be no explosion or sign of fire when the battery cells are forced into a thermal runaway condition (battery failure) in real life test conditions.

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